Thursday, August 05, 2010

Wilting in the heat

Wouldn't argriculture be boring if our weather was predictable? There's a sort of irony in the fact that just a couple of months ago Galicia was awash with rain, whereas now......

Certainly for large parts of June and nearly the whole of July, we have barely seen a drop of rain. With the exception of a thunderstorm at the beginning of the month, July can only be described as hot and windy. For several weeks now, daytime temperatures have been pushing 30°C (86°F) or more, and have only been moderated by winds blowing from the north and the west. The problem is that whilst the breeze is very welcome, it is also very drying and our vineyards are just starting to suffer as a result. The roof of the canopy is showing signs of stress - leaves are wilting a little and are not as verdant as they might normally be in our temperate maritime climate.

For the fruit to evolve properly, we could actually do with a few days of rain just to put us back on track - imagine, an Englishman, praying for a bit of rain!

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