Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It pays to be tall!

Pergolas make pruning a back breaking chore

I mentioned in my previous post that pruning has just finished for the year - as you can tell from the picture this comes as welcome news to those working the long hours at full stretch. The only upside of this "labour of love" is that most of the work this winter was conducted under blue skies, albeit a little chilly. The nights of light frost that we experienced in January and February were not only good for keeping the sap down, but also for killing off unfriendly bugs in the vineyard.

So far, March in Galcia has been quite wet, which after two dry winters has come as some relief, and should help to restore the depleted water table a little.

Finally, the new Avian label has arrived and we will be busy preparing the first order for our distributor in Madrid during the next day or so. Photos of the finished bottle to follow......

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Looking East from Barcelona

Angela at Alimentaria

More progress in 2006.......

In the weeks leading up to Alimentaria we were successful in adding Germany to our list of exporting countries (not an easy market to penetrate owing to their own white wine production). We also strengthened our position in the U.S., by adding to our importer network across the Altlantic.

Alimentaria in Barcelona, was a typically exhausting wine fair week - long days on the feet, and too many late nights - artificial sleeping potions were not required! Our efforts were well rewarded however, with interest being shown from not only some interesting European markets, but also from one or two much further afield. Not wishing to count the proverbial chickens, we will post more information about these new contacts as and when the first wine has been shipped!

Back at base in Galicia, pruning work in the vineyards is almost complete, and Spring officially starts today. Happily it is also the time of year to start stocking up with AlbariƱo, and we have been quite busy preparing orders for our customers. May this serve as a reminder - If you haven't placed your new orders yet, then now is the time!

Friday, March 03, 2006

The success continues - February Press

February has continued where January left off with yet more accolades in the International Press.

In the Annual Vancouver Wine Awards Bodega Castro Martin was a winner in the category of medium white wines, and therefore qualifies as one of British Columbia's top 100 wines. Described as "wild, leesy, highly aromatic and insanely delicious with seafood" (I think this is the first time I have heard our wine described as "wild" - but so long as we keep winning, who cares?!.....

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet the Australian Financial Review quite liked our Castro Martin too…. Really deep and fragrant; ripe, grilled peach smelling, with lovely fragrant lychee floral smells. Quite rich and viscous on the tongue with ripe stone fruit, but tingly with mouth-watering acidity. Good length and floral mouth aromas too. Quite delicious.

March brings us another exhausting week at Alimentaria.... see our next report for the full lowdown (and photos)