Thursday, May 25, 2006

Weather - The Great British obsession!

Weather from the good old BBC

I often have to remind myself that we are, in fact, an agricultural business, and that like most other "farmers" we have to keep one eye fixed firmly on the weather. As we all know forecasts can be notoriously unreliable, especially in our corner of Spain (where we are often skirted by weather systems scurrying across the Atlantic on their way to soak the shores of the UK).

As previously mentioned, we have already experienced our fair quota of rain this Spring, and the month of May, until now, has been largely cool and changeable. Not the best weather for the growing vines, and indeed we have already been obliged (reluctantly) to spray against mildew.

Yesterday, on my daily visit to the BBC weather site I spotted something quite unusual - a fairly dramatic change anticipated over the coming days. Yesterday for example, the daytime temperature was a mere 17°C, today it has risen to about 25°C, tomorrow is forecast to be 33°C, Saturday 35°C and Sunday 37°C (albeit that this has since been revised down to a mere 35°C!). So, within the space of 5 days the temperature is expected to double!

To be honest a long dry spell will be more than welcome, especially in view of the flowering, anticipated during the coming weeks.........

Time for a chilled AlbariƱo and the factor 15!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Big Hair Day!

Angela - As seen in Cocina y Vino - Venezuela

Far be it from me to make fun of my wife by posting a funny picture on the Internet, but here goes.......

Joking apart, Venezuela is one of our best export markets (which might have something to do with Angela being born there). Our partner there is one of the very best importers, and they do a great job promoting our AlbariƱo.

Naturally, we get some excellent press for Casal Caeiro, the latest being a six page article in one of Venezuela's top food and wine magazines - Cocina y Vino, about Angela, the bodega and our wine. My Spanish is by no means perfect, but Angela assures me that it is one of the best articles she has ever read about us. For me, I just like the picture!