Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It pays to be tall!

Pergolas make pruning a back breaking chore

I mentioned in my previous post that pruning has just finished for the year - as you can tell from the picture this comes as welcome news to those working the long hours at full stretch. The only upside of this "labour of love" is that most of the work this winter was conducted under blue skies, albeit a little chilly. The nights of light frost that we experienced in January and February were not only good for keeping the sap down, but also for killing off unfriendly bugs in the vineyard.

So far, March in Galcia has been quite wet, which after two dry winters has come as some relief, and should help to restore the depleted water table a little.

Finally, the new Avian label has arrived and we will be busy preparing the first order for our distributor in Madrid during the next day or so. Photos of the finished bottle to follow......

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