Monday, January 18, 2010


Ever since we planted our 'Bodega' vineyard several years ago we have been in discussion, or perhaps even dispute, with our neighbour regarding their adjoining forest of eucalyptus. Apparently, by law (not that this means very much), there has to be a gap between the party fence and the first line of trees - in this case there is not.

The consequence is that we have a very sheltered corner of the vineyard, where not only is there little sun, but also, owing to the proximity of the root system, our vines are well and truly starved of any water. Hence very few grapes in this area.

As I think I mentioned before, we have had a huge amount of rain this winter and as a result the soil is saturated and the shallow roots of the eucalyptus have been undermined. The outcome? We now have a horizontal tree in our vineyard, breaking posts and bringing down the wires with it. Fortunately there was no one pruning in this area at the time!

Our neighbour has been very apologetic, and has now promised to repair the damaged fence and pergolas, and also to cut back the tree line. I will not hold my breath......

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