Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spot the wine writer!

The wine trade can sometimes be a rather drab place, with far too many people taking themselves far too seriously, so it's really good to have the opportunity to laugh a little from time to time.

I have not posted for a week or so, as Angela and I have been over in the UK where we attended the annual tasting of one of our customers. I think I have written about this particular tasting before; fantastically organised around an original central theme each year, and always hugely well attended. This year was no exception, and even the freezing conditions could not deter hoteliers and restaurateurs from travelling the length and breadth of the country to taste an outstanding selection of wines.

Amongst the many wine writers in attendance was an old friend of mine, who appears in the picture with me (I'm the one in trousers!). I was originally inclined to ask for suggestions as to his identity, but instead, as a clue, I can tell you that (in common with Oz Clarke), this man has a great singing voice and often appears on stage in Opera, both serious and light. On this occassion he is however, appearing in Pantomime, as hopefully you may have gathered from his make up.

It is in fact Charles Metcalfe, wine writer, broadcaster and co-founder of the London International Wine Challenge, now one of the biggest tasting competitions in the world. Charles seized the moment and changed into his Pantomime outfit to promote the charity event.

How is it the song goes?......... there is nothing like a dame (and Charles assures me, he really is nothing like one)!

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