Wednesday, November 25, 2009

They say we'll have some fun when it stops raining!

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This morning we waved goodbye to a few pallets destined for the other side of the world, where hopefully the weather may be a little less depressing than here. As I look out of my office window I see the world through a sort of grey haze, caused by the persistent rain that has been falling pretty much all week here in Galicia. Apart from sending out a few pallets, and preparing a few Christmas orders the Bodega is pretty quiet at the moment - a bit of an anti-climax after all the action of the last couple of months.

So to lift the mood a little, here is a Spanish joke (please excuse me if the translation is not too good).

What do a designer, an electrician, and an aluminium specialist all have in common? Yes, you guessed the punch line, didn't you? Answer: None of them turn up for confirmed appointments at the bodega to discuss new business opportunities!!!

What? Me, frustrated? OK, well, yes......


  1. 'the other side of the world' - as far as new zealand?? hopefully yes, im keen to try it some time. there has been a little bit of albarino planted here in the last 2-3 years, no wine released as yet.

  2. Hi Kirk,
    Although I have already replied to you by e-mail, I thought I would post a reply here as well, otherwise other readers might think that I just ignore questions and comments.
    Unfortunately our wine does not get as far as New Zealand, but only as far as Australia, where we are one of the best sellling Spanish AlbariƱos.
    If you know someone in New Zealand who imports Spanish wines, we are always on the look-out!