Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Full Metal Roundabout

More Armco than the Monaco Grand Prix!

So, after two years, plus an odd couple of months, the new Salnes motorway has finally opened - built specifically to link Bodegas Castro Martin to the main motorway system at an approximate cost of €40,276,438.45. Now, I say approximate because Spanish government offices have a habit of being very precise with their statistics, and this 'estimated' figure was painted on all the billboards at the very start of the project. Now I can't help but imagine some poor accountant weeping into his coffee as he tots up the final bill and realises that his estimate was 10 cents over budget (or perhaps I should say 9.9887 cents)!

The new motorway (formerly a Via Rapida) is known as the AG-41, and links both the Cambados area and the well-known seaside resort of Sanxenxo to the main AP-9 motorway. (Watch out for an update on your SatNav). If you are ever visting our Bodega, leave the AG-41 at exit 7, and this will deliver you to within a couple of kilometres of our front door. I should also quickly mention that this new road forms a part of my daily route to work, and will come as a welcome relief after the years of disruption.

Finally, there are actually a couple of odd features incorporated in the design of this road, or more specifically it's junctions, so over the next couple of weeks I will nip out with my camera, and see if I can snap them for future inclusion in our blog.

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