Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Extreme Makeover: Bodega Edition

If you have visited our Bodega over the last 12-18 months you will know that I have always been very apologetic about the appearance of our fa├žade - sadly in need of a good lick of paint. Here in Spain one of the big problems is to find a good, reliable painter (actually not just a problem exclusive to Spain) - the second, is getting him to come!

So, after a summer of broken promises, our man (Pedro) finally decided that he could squeeze us in. Ironically though, just as he filled his brush with paint for the first time, so came the rain - absolutely useless for outdoor painting.

After a couple of weeks under grey skies (and scaffolding), the sun finally returned, and also, thankfully, did the painters. Work now continues in bright sunshine, and as the new white paint is added, so the glare intensifies as you walk outside. Sunglasses are definitely recommended.

Historically the name and logo of Castro Martin has always been painted directly onto the wall of the building, but after 25 years comes a break in tradition - we have designed some very smart metal lettering which has been promised for the 5th May. They didn't however mention in which year!

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