Monday, February 26, 2007

Avian Albariño in the Top 10....... again!

Once again the Guia Gourmets has voted one of our Albariños amongst the top white wines of Spain. In the 2007 guide our Avian label was listed at number four in the whole country (not just in the Rias Baixas denomination) with a score of 8.25 out of a possible 10.

Consistency of quality is always of paramount importance to us, and, as if proof were needed, Avian has been included in the Guide's 'Table of Honour' every year for the last four years, and only once outside the top ten:

2004 Guide - Score 8/10 - Rated 3rd in Spain
2005 Guide - Score 7.5/10 - Rated 16th in Spain
2006 Guide - Score 8/10 - Rated 7th in Spain
2007 Guide - Score 8.25 - Rated 4th in Spain

Their (translated) description in 2007 is as follows:

"Yellow gold, very bright. Powerful and aromatic, stone fruit notes (papaya and medlar*), minerals, infusions (lime blossom), thyme - an elegant marinade. Complex, lively and balanced. Sensations of mature white fruit (water pear), fresh herbs, menthol, flowers (camomile).... and a long finish that lingers on the palate."

As I mentioned only last week, tasting is very subjective, and sometimes there are expressions which are especially difficult to translate and understand.
*medlar - is a fruit like small brown apple

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