Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Last minute chores

With only a week or two to go now we continue with our programme of pre-harvest chores - sometimes catching up with a few of the jobs you have been planning to do, but never quite got around too. One such job is laying a bit of concrete......

There's actually something quite satisfying about putting down concrete, adding a new part to the building and its surroundings that will hopefully be around for years to come. This time we have made a small improvement to the entrance of our grape reception, making it just a shade easier for the grape-laiden vehicles to enter during the coming weeks.

As you may notice, our fashion conscious vineyard manager David is modelling this autumn's latest uniform, incorporating some rather fetching 3/4 length pants, revealing just a modest amount of bare ankle (either that of he is growing rather too quickly for his age). Actually, the truth is probably more to do with the prolonged period of baking weather that we have been experiencing over the last couple of months - it's hot work out in the finca!

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