Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Angela's lucky day

I mentioned a day or so ago that Angela was in Madrid, and also that there had been problems with flights around Spain caused by Eyjafjoj Eyjafjallajek Eyjafjallakull that volcano in Iceland.

Yesterday, I spent nearly the whole day following the Iberia website and relaying the latest updates to Angela by text. As she left for the airport in Madrid (allowing more time than usual) everything looked reasonably normal, with the exception of a few delays. However, when she arrived at the check-in she was informed that her 19.55h flight to Vigo had been cancelled, and that the best that the airline could offer was put her on a waiting list for the last flight of the day. They also casually mentioned that Iberia would not pay for a hotel, nor for meals if she had to stay overnight, as this was a weather related cancellation...... an erupting volcano, weather??

Anyway, just as Angela phoned me in a panic, the check-in lady noticed that there was an earlier flight to Vigo that had been delayed and not yet left Madrid. Within half an hour, Angela was boarded and airbourne on her way back - the only question was, would her bags make it to Vigo as well?

Miracle of miracles, amid all the chaos, Angela emerged at arrivals an hour and a half earlier than originally scheduled, complete with suitcases in hand. Talk about luck!

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