Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fire in the vineyard!

Despite all the rain than we have endured this winter it does seem a bit odd that we still have to apply for a licence to burn vine cuttings, especially whilst the ground is still completely sodden.

However, it is still quite pleasant to drive around in the bright winter sunshine and notice the hillsides dotted with small plumes of smoke from the numerous bonfires - a very typical winter scene here in wine country.

As I arrived in the vineyard today, even before I had the chance to open my mouth and make the usual quip, one of our guys asked “Did you remember to bring the salchichas (sausages)?”. Joking apart, there are actually many people that save their vine cuttings to burn on summer barbeques, believing that it imparts a bit of extra flavour to their chicken wings. Whilst this is very probably true, the amount of addition effort it would take to gather all the cuttings together, for us would simply be a waste of valuable man hours.

Besides, who needs a barbeque? Having just returned from the vineyard, I smell rather like a smoked chicken wing myself!

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