Thursday, August 13, 2009

A new illness?

Talking of statistics (as we were a few days ago), a recent survey has suggested that a very high percentage of those taking time off work claiming to have swine flu might not actually be telling the truth, and are simply taking advantage of this rather worrying pandemic.

Perhaps they are confusing the symptoms and have actually been afflicted by something quite different...... WINE FLU!!!

If you have over indulged a little, here are a couple of old remedies that you might care to try:

In Outer Mongolia, a pair of pickled sheeps eyes in tomato juice is thought to be the answer to a thumping headache, whilst cattle ropers in the Old West opted for tea brewed from rabbit droppings. In Ancient Rome, party-goers breakfasted on sheep lungs and two owl eggs and in Ancient Greece the cure was deep-fried canaries (although it was never specified if this was on or off-the-bone!)

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