Thursday, July 23, 2009

A 'model' daughter?

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The other day I was casually thumbing through some old wine magazines, when the above picture of the Swiss family Herzog caught my eye.

They now reside in New Zealand and run a successful winery there, but it was something far more basic than that which troubled me..... is the young girl in the picture their beautiful waif-like daughter (or possibly estate worker), or is this 'person' really a shop mannequin dressed up and placed in the vineyard for a joke?

It's one of those annoying little conundrums for which I would like to have an answer. Each time I look at the picture myself I come to a different conclusion!

Is there anybody out there who knows these people, and who can put me out of my misery (I think I have at least three regular readers in New Zealand and many more in Australia)?

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