Wednesday, March 04, 2009

(Photo) Shopped Out

I am totally aware that our blog has dried up almost completely in the last month or two, firstly for the reason that I explained in my previous post, and secondly because of Photoshop!

I didn't mention in my last entry that during our time away Angela and I managed to fire off more than 3,200 digital photos between us (even more than your average Japanese tourist takes on a good day).

So, at the moment, when I am not working, every spare moment is spent in front of the computer editing photographs, rather than writing blogs. Heaven only knows what we will do with them all when I have finished - perhaps we could wallpaper the entire interior of the wine cellar, and perhaps every wine cellar in the denomination for that matter!

Meanwhile back in the real world, the 2008 wine is still on it's lees, and as we would have hoped, appears to be improving each time we taste - it won't be too long now before we start the racking process.

The other interesting event in the pipeline will be the repair of all the tanks that you may recall were damaged just before the harvest. We finally have approval from the insurance company, and so work will start next week when we first have to cut a new door big enough to remove entire sections of the tanks. No doubt this work will provide an excellent photo opportunity, and the chance for me to once more practice my photoshop skills....... arghhhh!

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