Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Pants down politicians

Holy sh**, it's Christmas!

I hope that you are not too offended by the caption to this picture - indeed, if you are easily offended then probably best to stop reading now!

On a recent visit to Cataluña we were reminded of a very strange Catalan Christmas custom. Added to every nativity scene is the little defecator, or 'caganer' as they are known locally. Traditionally this character would be dressed in a Catalan costume with traditional red stocking hat, and hidden away in the corner to be discovered by the children as a sort of game. The part that I have never really understood is the explanation of what this figure supposedly represents, which is fertility and equality. (Answers on a postcard please)

Anyway, strange custom aside, the idea of the little pooping Catalan has now been expanded to include world leaders, politicians and celebrities - so if you're visiting Barcelona this Christmas and you spy Barack Obama with his pants around his ankles, please don't be upset - it's just a tradition!

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