Friday, October 24, 2008

Worse than we thought....

When I wrote the other day about the damage to our tanks you will remember that we were cutting 'man holes' to allow improved access for repair. Once inside however, it soon became apparent that the damage was worse than we thought, and the repair much more difficult.

It was immediately established that at least two, if not three tanks, were completely beyond repair, and that sections would have to be completely replaced. As these tanks were disassembled, the engineers started by removing the top 'cone', rather like opening a huge tin can..... the view inside was quite shocking, as you can see from the photograph above.

It is really sad to see these original tanks, installed by Angela's father, and that have served so well over the last 25 years, being cut up in this way, especially when we consider that they were in pristine condition, and probably would have served for the next 25 years without any problem.

At this point it would be unwise for me to comment further about how exactly the damage was caused, or who was responsible - this issue will no doubt be battled out between insurance companies over the coming months.

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