Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Daylight robbery!

At this time of year we are more than a little pre-occupied with our harvest, and in these circumstances I guess that it's easy to 'take your eye off the ball' and let your guard down a little. Directly related to this, the other slight distraction that we have is the constant queue of people knocking on our door looking for casual grape picking jobs.

With all this added activity in and around the bodega, the thing that regrettably we did not notice were the thieves breaking into one of our storage sheds at the back of the building! I should explain that in order to arrive at our back door you have to use a private access road that is probably around 100 metres long, and so, judging by the volume and type of equipment stolen, the theives must have used quite a large vehicle to get in and out. Unfortunately the rear access cannot easily be seen from our offices, so we have no way of knowing exactly when the break-in took place, and it wasn't until we discovered the broken metal door, that we realised something was amiss.

It's likely that if any would-be intruder had been confronted at our back door, then they simply would have claimed that they were looking for work - or at least this is my idea.

Amongst the missing items of equipment were a couple of trimmer/brushcutters, a pressure washer and a couple of heavy-duty drills........ So, if you find yourself at a local car-boot sale in Pontevedra, and you are offered pieces of light agricultural equipment on the cheap, then please at least ask about their origin!


  1. Very sorry to hear that! :( Hope you have some luck tracking the goods down.

  2. Bloody hell! You guys seem to be having bad luck at the moment. Hopefully that translates into a great and easy harvest...