Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mail us your comments....

I would like to pretend that I'm really a whiz with computers, when in reality my teenage daughter would probably categorise me as a 'technofool'. To be honest it's just taken me 4 days to re-format my computer here in the bodega, and I've been struggling to retrieve all the data - I think/hope that I may have succeeded.....

In the meantime you may have noticed that our blog, until now, did not allow you the opportunity to comment. Now you may think that this was simply because I was too aloof, and did not care about your opinion, when in reality is was simply a question of HTML.

The template that I use from the Blogger website had a glitch in the hard coding, and it has taken an expert to sort it out. Not me, I would hasten to add, but by my new acquaintance Ryan from the Catavino blogsite. (Also see our links)

So, the good news is that you can now comment on my stories, or possibly rubbish my opinion if you feel so inclined. The only request that I would make is - be gentle with me (and please keep it clean)!

1 comment:

  1. well, I said I would comment, and here I am!

    Congratulations on getting this working, and good luck with your computer and weather problems. Sounds rather stressful!