Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sleeping on the job!

Tastings can often be hard work - long hours on your feet pouring wine can easily put a strain on your enthusiasm. Not so last month when we attended the annual tasting of one of our biggest importers.....

Every year the venue is decorated around a highly original theme - this year based on the different rooms of a house. Producers found themselves in some fairly unfamiliar surroundings for tasting - France, for example, in the kitchen, Italy, in the bathroom, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa sharing the garden etc.

Spain was located in the bedroom, complete with double bed and staff dressed in pyjamas and nightgowns! (Imagine being paid for lounging around in bed all day!).

Despite the light-hearted surroundings the tasting itself is always deadly serious, and is attended by up to three thousand customers over a period of ten hours.

We wait with bated breath to learn more about next year's theme.....

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