Saturday, January 27, 2007

A different way to chill out....

Ahhh....... that´s better!

This week we were in London, not hunting for last minute bargains in the January sales, but attending the annual tasting of one of our biggest importers.

Anyone who has ever attended this type of tasting (or indeed any exhibition that requires you to stand in one place for hours on end) will know exactly how tough this can be. Sore feet, stiff legs, aching back - you get the idea.... And, as the day drags on, different ideas for pain relief start to infiltrate your head - the dream of soaking in a hot bath, or perhaps a full body massage for example.

Well, for at least one of our colleagues at the tasting he simply couldn´t wait to fulfill his particular fantasy, and as soon as the last customer had left he whipped off his shoes and socks and simply waded into one of the ice buckets to soothe his aching feet. Perhaps just as well you can´t smell this blog!

Caught in the act - Angela sneaks a quick snack

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